How Much Does a Lilac Point Siamese Cat Cost?

Taking care of pets is not as easy as it appears. It’s a commitment that requires patience, dedication, and a bit of financial stability. As a cat owner, you must prepare not only for initial costs for breeding or adoption. You must also prepare for the long-term expenses that come with raising and maintaining the health of your furry companions.

Lilac Point Siamese cats are one of the most striking varieties of cats out there. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they’re also quite playful and exceptionally intelligent. A Lilac Point Siamese cat can cost between $600 to $800. Due to the high cost of Lilac Point Siamese, their owners must make sure their cats are well cared for. This means that owners must provide a healthy diet, regular baths, and extensive grooming.  

The Siamese

The Siamese is, without a doubt, one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. More and more people are choosing them as their first or next family feline. These cuddly charmers from Thailand (then called Siam) vary in colors, with more than 30 siamese colors identified. Interestingly, several cat associations recognized only four (4) distinct colorations (often called ‘points). These are the seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point Siamese. These points refer to the pointed dark colorations on their face, paws, and tail. 

Meet the Lilac Point Siamese

The Lilac Point or Frost Point has the lightest shade among Siamese coats. It is the last to be officially accepted by organizations such as the Cat Fanciers’ Association as a color type. Initially, Lilac points were considered poor quality. They were often seen as an inferior imitation of blue and chocolate point variations.

Eventually, the Lilac Point gained popularity in many countries. In 1965, General Foods Corporation introduced PeeChee, a lilac point Siamese, as their Friskies pet food brand mascot.  This contributed to the breed’s popularity among cat owners and general pet lovers.

People also started to love their unique pale appearance, with their glacial white coats and lilac-grey points.

In terms of temperament, the Lilac Point is one of the most sought-after breeds because of its active, playful, and affectionate personality. They would stick to you and accompany you wherever and whenever possible. They are very curious and energetic and are very vocal in telling their owners about it (They meow a lot, so you’re in for a lot of story-time bonding!).

They also don’t like being left alone for extended periods. They tend to suffer stress or separation anxiety due to the close bonds they form with family members. (If you’re planning a trip somewhere, ensure you are not leaving them uncared for, or you might as well take them with you.)

Are Lilac Point Siamese Cats Expensive?

For starters, it’s helpful to note that the Lilac Point is a rare variation of Siamese. This associates them with quite a high price if you’re planning to buy them. Whether you’re up for raising a gorgeous Lilac Point is something you should carefully ponder.

Premium vs. Regular Lilac Points

A regular Lilac Point kitten can cost somewhere between $600 to $800. Still, if you’re looking for a premium one with noticeable features, the price for an adult Lilac Point can drive up to $850 to $2,000. This depends on the breeder or the pedigree of the parents.

There are no records of a price difference based on gender. Male or female, the prices are the same.

Nevertheless, whether it be a regular or a premium Lilac Point, you’re sure to get a loyal, clingy but adorable cat that you just can’t help but love. One thing to remember, though, is that you should always buy from reputable breeders or sources to ensure that they’re not just after the profit but have the cat’s health and happiness in mind.

Is adoption possible?

Adoption is always an available option, and it’s certainly more affordable than buying from breeders. Despite the popularity of Siamese cats, there are still instances wherein they are abandoned or surrendered by owners that are no longer willing or capable of taking care of them. You must know, though, that it might be unlikely to find a Lilac Point in shelters and adoption centers. As previously stated, they’re one of the rare types of Siamese, and the chances of spotting one in rescue shelters are slim.

But we said slim, not impossible!

We were very blessed to be able to adopt two Siamese rescue kittens, one male and one female. 

What other costs await you?

A Lilac Point Siamese can live up to 15-20 years, so that’s what you’re signing up for. Here are other expenses outside of the purchase price you might need to cover while living your best life with your feline companion:

  • Food and Diet

They have a very active lifestyle and need the nutrition their body needs. Like any other pet, your Lilac Point needs animal-based protein, vitamins, and minerals. Plant-based food is not advised since cats often have difficulty digesting it.

  • Regular health checks and annual boosters

It is only expected of any good fur parent to always ensure that their fur babies are in good health. Regular visits to the vet will help you identify early on if your feline is suffering from health conditions and treat them early on. Some minor illnesses Siamese cats are prone to are asthma and bronchial disease.

  • Neutering (for males) and Spaying (for females)

This is recommended for owners with no plans of breeding. It prevents your pets from wandering (males) and unwanted pregnancies (females).

  • Litter box

You should replace litter boxes annually. So, that’s another extra cost you should include in your budget.

  • Cat Insurance

Investing in pet insurance will ensure you’re not caught out financially if your pet suffers from illness or injury. You might be shocked that standard check-ups, medications, and recuperation costs can dent your bank account. There are many types of pet insurance, so make sure to identify and choose the one that suits your feline best.

  • Microchipping

Not all pet owners go for microchipping, but it provides extra security for your cats. If they get lost or end up in rescue centers, they would quickly get identified and returned to their owners and homes.

  • Flea, Worm, and Tick Medications

This should be an essential part of your cat’s health routine since they can possibly contract parasites in any environment. Investing in these treatments would ensure they’re protected, and your home will stay pest-free. 

  • Cat Toys 

This is not exactly a requirement for cat ownership, but if you want to indulge your pet and spoil them with toys they can play with, then there’s no harm in adding this to your budget list.

Wrapping Up

It might look simple, but pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Before you decide to either buy or adopt, make sure you’ve done enough research, and you’re well-prepared to give your chosen animal companion the home and care they deserve.

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