How Do Siamese Cats View Humans?

Siamese cats, like any other breeds, have been domesticated for thousands of years. They developed a special bond with humans during that time. 

They are not as social as dogs, but still enjoy spending time with their human companions. They often form strong attachments to them. 

So, how do Siamese cats view humans? 

We are members of their family that they care for. They show their affection in many ways, both big and small. They may purr when being petted or rest their head on their human’s hand. 

Some cats may even bring their human gifts, such as a dead mouse or a bird. These gifts may not be welcome, but they are a sign of a cat’s affection. 

This article will explore how cats think of their beloved humans. Read on to learn more! 

What Do Cats Actually Think of Humans?

Cats see us as their parents, like human babies see their parents. We provide them with food, shelter, and love. They give us companionship and affection in return. 

They rely on us to keep them safe and comfortable, and we do our best to provide for their needs. Cats learn to trust and love us, just as human babies learn to trust and love their parents. 

Cats can be a bit of a mystery at times. They come to us as kittens with their unique personalities and traits, and they end up being a child in our eyes. They like to be held and cuddled. They like to be sung to, and they like to be pampered. They will never be able to talk, but they will purr and meow to communicate with their owners. 

New research from Oregon State University has discovered that cats

form meaningful relationships with their owners. Cats can appreciate their owners and become attached to them, despite popular belief. 

Cats tend to be solitary animals and are often described as self-sufficient. Still, in this study, cats displayed behavior like dogs and babies. 

My Siamese cat, Robyn, always follows me and meows for attention. It seems like she thinks I’m her mother. I got her as a kitten, and she’s been attached to me ever since. She’ll sit by the door and wait for me to come home when I leave the house. 

She’ll jump into my lap and purr when I sit down. She also likes to sleep on my bed, curled up against my side. 

I’ve read that Siamese cats are very attached to their owners, and I can see that with Robyn. She’s always happy to see me and wants to be near me. I like to think she sees me as her mother figure and knows I’ll always take care of her. 

Do Cats Think Humans are Cats?

Some evidence suggests that cats see their owners as larger versions of themselves. They perceive their owners as part of their social group and thus see them as having similar status. 

When you’re giving your cat a cuddle or a scratch behind the ears, they see you as a big cat they can rely on. 

Even though at times, your cat may not think of you as his mother, he still views you as a significant figure in his life. He will show the same amount of affection he would to his biological mother. He will purr when he’s happy and often seek you out for cuddles and attention. 

Have you ever noticed your cat kneading on you with its paws? This behavior is actually derived from the mother-kitten relationship. Kittens will often knead its paws on its mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow during nursing. 

It may be less about the milk and more about showing their affection when adult cats knead. 

Cats have a natural instinct to knead, which is often done to mark their territory or to show affection. They may be trying to show that they see us as part of their “territory” or as someone they are fond of. 

It’s clear that cats see us as more feline than human, regardless of their motivation. 

How do I Know that my Cat Sees me as a Mother Figure?

It’s often been said that cats see their owners as mother figures. But how do we know this for sure? Here are a few ways: 

1. Cats often respond positively to loving behavior from their owners. They purr when we pet them and follow us around the house. They listen when we talk to them. They also show their affection by sleeping on our laps or curling up next to us on the couch. 

It is important to remember that every cat is different, and some may not enjoy being handled as much as others. However, most cats appreciate a little love and attention from their owners. 

2. Cats are masters at reading our emotions. They know when we’re happy, sad, or mad and use that to their advantage. Cats have also learned to prey on our emotions in much the same way that human babies do. So, just like a baby might cry to get his way, a cat will use its cuteness to try and manipulate us. They know how to trigger our empathy and get us to do what they want. 

All it takes is a meow, a purr, or a swipe from their claws to get you to give them what they desire. Some people can’t resist a good, furry animal, and I am one of those people who got a soft spot for felines! 

Can Cats Sense if You’re a Good Person?

My cats have a keen and uncanny ability to discern the character of someone right away. They are experts at reading people and understanding their moods and emotions. 

They can tell if you’re a good person based on your body language and the way you interact with them. They’ll be more likely to approach you and be affectionate towards you if you’re a good person. They’ll be more likely to be scared of you and avoid you if you’re a bad person. 

Cats are also excellent at reading body language. They are intuitive and can pick up on the slightest changes in body language and energy. 

They can sense when you’re feeling sad or happy, and they’ll adjust their behavior accordingly. 

Your cat may pick up if you’re feeling stressed or anxious and become more alert. He will try to comfort you. On the other hand, your cat is likely to mirror your mood if you’re feeling relaxed and happy. He may even try to play with you. 

Either way, they’re always attuned to your emotional state. They know how to respond in a way that will make you feel better. 

It’s not that cats can sense bad people. Instead, they can sense when someone has an innate dislike for them. 

There are, sadly, a lot of people out there who don’t appreciate how great cats can be. Cats are awesome judges of character. They usually know when it’s best to avoid someone who doesn’t share the same love for them. 


Cats have a lot of complex emotions and views of the world around them. They may view us as giant cats, loving caretakers, or a mother. 

Cats are fascinating creatures with a lot of depth regardless. It’s always interesting to see how they interact with the people in their lives. 

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