Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes When Feeding Your Siamese Cat

Giving your Siamese cat a healthy and high-quality diet is the best way to ensure he stays with you for a long time. The question is, are you feeding your kitty the right food and the right way?

Feeding our cats the right way is one of the most crucial tasks for us cat owners. How we feed them influences how long they will live and how healthy they will be.

As a cat parent, I always think about how important it is to know how to feed my cat right. 

Am I feeding them enough? Am I feeding them too often? Am I giving them the correct type of food? These were some questions I had when I started caring for Siamese cats. I’m sure you also have these questions, especially if you’re a new owner.

In this post, I’d love to share what I have learned about common Siamese cat feeding mistakes. I have extra tips on how to feed your pet right. Keep reading! 

These Are The 7 Mistakes People Make When Feeding Siamese Cats:

1. Overfeeding cats and allowing them to become obese

Siamese cats can become overweight and obese if their owners allow them to overeat. Too much food, processed foods, in particular, damages their health. 

Obesity in cats is becoming a common issue for many cat owners nowadays. Siamese cats who are obese are more likely to get serious diseases, such as:

1. Diabetes

2. Electrolyte imbalances

3. Hepatic lipidosis

4. Hyperadrenocorticism

5. Hypothyroidism

6. Insulinoma

Obesity can hurt your cat’s health and affect his life expectancy. 

Your cat could be overweight if he weighs more than 15% of his ideal weight. Your pet is obese if he weighs more than 30% of his ideal weight. 

To avoid obesity:

  • Do not overfeed your cat.
  • Compliment his healthy eating with play and physical activities.

I feed Batman and Robyn small portions every 4-5 hours. I don’t allow Batman and Robyn to be couch potatoes after their mealtime. I always encourage them to move around and play. I also asked our vet for advice on how I could help them maintain a healthy weight. 

2. Offering them too little water in their diet

Siamese cats need water in their food. Too little water in their diet can lead to dehydration and urinary tract problems. It is especially not good if they always eat dry food.

To avoid dehydration and urinary tract issues:

  • Give your cat a water-rich diet.
  • Consider how much water you’re giving when feeding him.
  • Put water bowls in various rooms of the house to entice him to drink more. It will be a regular reminder that he needs to replenish his fluids.

I make sure I’m offering Batman and Robyn diets high in liquids. Good thing they also like moisture-rich canned foods! I also ensure they have access to water bowls all over the house.

3. Giving them or letting them eat dog food

Siamese cats cannot survive on a dog food diet because:

  • Dog foods contain a lot of grain and soy. Too many of them can hurt your cat’s health.
  • Cats need food that is more specialized than dog food. They only have 470 taste buds, whereas dogs have 1700. Most cats will find dog foods less palatable and unsatisfying.
  • Dog foods and treats are unsuitable for Siamese cats. Some dog foods contain ingredients cats should avoid. Among these ingredients are:

1. Onion flavoring

2. Garlic seasoning

3. Chives flavoring

4. Glycerin

5. Ethylene glycol preservative

6. Propylene glycol (moisture retaining agent)

  • Many essential nutrients cats need are absent in dog foods.

It is wisest not to give your cat any dog food for safety. 

Your cat needs vitamins, amino acids, and minerals in their food to stay strong and healthy. 

Feed your pet cat food that has these essential nutrients:

1. Vitamin A 

2. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

3. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

4. Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

5. Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

6. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

7. Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

8. Arginine

9. Taurine

10. Protein

11. Vitamin E

12. Vitamin D

13. Vitamin K

14. Arachidonic Acid 

15. Niacin

16. Folic Acid

17. Cobalamin

18. Calcium

19. Magnesium

20. Iron

21. Iodine

22. Selenium

23. Manganese

24. Copper

25. Zinc

4. Placing them on a vegetarian diet

Siamese cats are carnivores. They cannot go veggie because that’s not how nature intended them to eat. They need to consume protein-based meat to survive.

Dogs can thrive on a vegetarian diet because they are omnivores. They can digest a wide variety of foods. Cats cannot do well on a plant-based diet only.

Siamese cats must have a higher protein content in their diet than dogs. Animal meat is a big part of what they need to eat to remain fit and healthy.

A vegetarian diet will never suffice for your Siamese cat. Your kitty needs animal fats and proteins to live well. His diet and health depend so much on meat-based protein.

5. Feeding them raw fish and fish bones

Giving Siamese cats raw fish is not a good idea because:

  • Raw fish can spread salmonella and E. coli to Siamese cats. These bacteria can cause food poisoning in your cat.
  • Raw fish is high in phosphorus and can harm your cat’s kidneys.
  • Thiaminase, an enzyme that destroys vitamin B (thiamine), is present in raw fish. Vitamin B is critical for your cat’s health.

Giving fish bones to your cat is a no-no because:

  • The fish bones can stick in his throat, which may pose a choking hazard. 
  • They can damage your pet’s gastrointestinal tracts. 
  • They can cause wounds on your cat’s mouth.

I’ve never fed raw fish or fish bones to Batman or Robyn. I always cook the fish well. I also do not put any extra spices or flavorings when I’m making a fish meal for them.

6. Giving cats too much tuna and letting them get addicted to it

Cats can get addicted to tuna. It’s easy for them to become hooked on tuna because it has a powerful smell and pungent taste. 

Giving your Siamese cat too much tuna and spoiling them with this treat is a no-no for the following reasons:

  • Canned tuna has trace amounts of mercury, which is toxic if consumed in large quantities.
  • Overeating tuna can cause your kitty to gain weight and become obese. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, osteoarthritis, and urinary tract infections.
  • Your pet can become ill if they consume too much-canned tuna in oil and brine.

I give Batman and Robyn tuna in small amounts from a can of water. The tuna that comes in oil and brine is a strict no from me! It’s unhealthy for them.

Wean your Siamese cat off of tuna as soon as possible if you notice he has become addicted.

7. Giving them too many supplements

Giving Siamese cats more supplements than the vet’s recommendations can be harmful. Although many natural supplements claim to be safe, this is not always the case. Many cat supplements on the market today are not proven or tested.

Your Siamese cat can get sick if he takes too many dietary supplements. 

  • Consider whether your kitty needs supplements in the first place.
  • Giving your kitty extra supplements is unnecessary if he eats a well-balanced diet.

Ask your vet if your Siamese cat needs supplements or not. Your vet’s advice is essential. His recommendation will a hundred percent depend on:

  • How active your pet is
  • Your cat’s age
  • What your kitty often eats
  • Any other serious health problems he may have

Your vet can tell you what dose and brand to use to keep your pet safe and healthy.

Extra Tips When Feeding Your Siamese cat:

1. Offer frequent small meals instead of one big meal throughout the day. 

2. Combine dry and wet canned food. This way, you can ensure that you provide your cat with all the nutrient requirements. 

3. Use clean food and water bowls. Clean the feeding bowl after your cat’s meal time. Your pet might decline food from used bowls and only pass by water bowls with water that’s been stuck there for a few days. 

4. Keep chocolates and preservatives away from your kitty. 

5. Keep his eating station away from his litter box. 

7. Avoid offering your Siamese cat milk too often. It upsets his stomach.

Is It Okay To Give My Siamese Cat Frequent Milk Treats?

Milk is appealing to cats due to its high-fat content. They enjoy it even though it causes stomach upset because they are carnivores. Cats love the kinds of milk that are high in animal fats. 

It is not a good idea to give your cat regular milk treats. Regular milk treats can cause gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, vomiting, and skin infections.

Some cats are lactose intolerant. They have trouble digesting lactose and other sugary foods. 

Other cats are allergic to milk and dairy products. 

I wrote an article about what Siamese cats can drink besides milk. Don’t forget to look into it!

What Food Do Siamese Cats Need And Enjoy Having?

Proteins, fats, and foods high in calcium and magnesium are all essential for the health of a Siamese cat. 

Your Siamese cat needs and loves to have:

1. Beef

2. Chicken

3. Turkey 

4. Fish 

5. Herring

6. Lamb

7. Pheasant

8. Salmon

9. Whitefish

Can I Combine Wet And Dry Cat Food?

You can combine wet and dry cat food. This combination is safe and will result in a tasty treat! It encourages your cat to eat well too!

The mix of wet and dry foods has extra health advantages:

1. Dry food helps clean your pet’s teeth. 

2. Wet food keeps your cat hydrated. 

3. The combo benefits your kitty’s oral and kidney health.

One of our responsibilities as cat owners is to provide a balanced diet for our feline friends. How we nourish them impacts their physical and mental well-being, productivity, and longevity.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this guide has answered most of your questions. The key to a content and healthy cat is that he gets enough of everything he needs, especially when it comes to feeding! 

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