Do Siamese Cats Throw Up A Lot?

Have you caught your Siamese cat vomiting? You are not alone. There are a lot of Siamese cat owners facing the same issue. Should you worry, or do Siamese cats throw up a lot?

Siamese cats may throw up a lot at times and this article explores several reasons why your Siamese cat is throwing up. 

It could be an early sign of illness or an allergic reaction to some food contents. Besides, Siamese cats are prone to particular illnesses and digestive disorders. These can make your cat throw up.

Vomiting is a common symptom for siamese cat illnesses and disorders, including:

  • UTIs
  • Underlying infections
  • Digestive disorders
  • Overfeeding 
  • Internal parasites
  • Heat exhaustion 
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Poisoning 
  • Asthma
  • Hairballs

Why is my Siamese cat throwing up so much?

It was scary when I caught one of my siamese cats vomiting. It was not until my vet confirmed that she was only reacting to a diet change. Well, as indicated above, several illnesses and disorders can make your cat vomit. 

Before you panic, it would help to observe the color and nature of your cat’s throw-up.

For example, if you observe your cat throwing up grass, you need not worry. Cats with access to the outdoors eat grass and may vomit later on. 

However, greenish or yellow throw-up could show an underlying bacterial or viral infection. Check for other extra symptoms such as lethargy, eye discharge, and diarrhea. If present, your cat will need medical attention as soon as possible. 

Long-haired Siamese cats can also swallow their fur during shedding season. Hairballs can make your cat vomit, which is a natural outcome. In other cases, hairballs cause intestinal blockage, which would need immediate medical attention.

Siamese cats are also prone to digestive upset, often because of overeating. These cats eat a lot faster than most domesticated breeds. Often, when a Siamese cat overeats, she might vomit undigested foods.

It gets worse when your cat is vomiting live worms. This is a sign of intestinal parasites. You must consult your vet immediately. The same goes for when a Siamese cat is throwing up blood. 

I understand how scary it can be when you catch your Siamese cat throwing up. The color and nature of the vomit will determine if you need to take your kitty to the vet. 

Are Siamese cats susceptible to throwing up?

Siamese cats are prone to particular illnesses that may lead to vomiting. Those who have access to the outdoors can contract intestinal parasites. Other cats have a behavioral issue with eating grass which most often leads to vomiting. 

Siamese cats also eat faster than most cats. You might consider putting your cat’s food bowl in an elevated position. It would help to slow down your fast-eater kitty and avoid overfeeding. 

Female siamese cats are also prone to urinary tract infections. Other than vomiting, your cat can show other signs, including urine spraying. Talk to your vet if you suspect that your Siamese cat has a UTI.

If your kitty does not keep her food down, it could or show an allergic reaction. Siamese cats have sensitive digestive systems. For example, some cats throw up after eating dry cat food. In this case, you can speak to your vet to recommend a safer diet for your cat. 

A sudden change of diet can also trigger your Siamese cat to throw up. 

A lot of Siamese cats have esophageal hypomotility, which is also hereditary. The first indicator of this condition is undigested food throw-up. Esophageal hypomotility means that a cat’s esophagus is larger than normal. 

Siamese cats with feline asthma can also vomit when coughing. Observe your kitty for other symptoms such as wheezing and difficulty breathing.

Esophageal hypomotility is one of the reasons why Siamese cats may throw up a lot.

You should speak to your vet if your cat’s vomiting interferes with her ability to eat. 

What can I do if my Siamese cat is throwing up a lot? 

It is likely that you have seen, or will witness, your Siamese cat throwing up. Of course, you have every right to worry when it happens. It would help to watch your cat and identify what triggers her to throw up. 

Beware of other symptoms that could show a serious illness in your cat. For instance, watch out for lethargy, loss of appetite, weight loss, or irritated skin. Some behavioral issues, such as cat spraying, could show a urinary tract infection. 

It would be best to see a vet rule out the possibility of a serious illness if your Siamese cat throws up a lot. 

Now, once you identify the reason behind your cat throwing up, it is time to treat and prevent it. 

Can I prevent my Siamese cat from throwing up?

Check your cat’s throw-up and notice the color and the contents. Is she throwing up undigested foods? She might have an allergic reaction to her diet. Some Siamese cats develop cat food intolerance after years.

Cats are also prone to allergic reactions against beef and pasteurized milk. In this case, you can opt for a diet with chicken or turkey contents. Cat food containing turkey can also enhance your cat’s digestive function.

Vomiting undigested foods almost immediately after eating is a sign of food allergy. However, it would help to visit your vet to be on the safe side.

Your vet will also recommend an appropriate diet for your cat. Note that a sudden diet change can also trigger your cat to throw up. Ask your vet how to proceed with changing your kitty’s diet.

Can I stop my Siamese cat from throwing up?

Are you struggling to keep your Siamese cat from throwing up? The first thing you should do is establish the cause of vomiting. If you have to, visit your vet to rule out any health issues that may cause vomiting. 

If your cat is on a dry food diet, always place a bowl of drinking water alongside her meals. A food dispenser toy with a timer can also reduce the chances of overfeeding in siamese cats. This breed is famous for being a fast-eater. 

You can stop your cat from going to the yard if she pukes from eating grass. It is easy to tell when this happens as your kitty will vomit undigested grass. 

Besides, restricting your cat from going outside will also prevent intestinal parasites. However, you buy entertaining toys to prevent anxiety, boredom, and stress in your cat. 

To prevent vomiting induced by poisoning and digestive upset, feed your cat in a clean bowl. Remember to provide fresh drinking water for your cat at all times. 

It would also help to throw away leftovers to reduce the chances of food poisoning. 

Consult your vet about deworming your kitty. It would help prevent your Siamese cat from vomiting from internal parasites. Common symptoms of intestinal worms include loss of appetite and throwing up worms.

Grooming your Siamese cat can also prevent vomiting caused by hairballs.  


Do Siamese cats throw up a lot? Sure, Siamese cats have a sensitive digestive system. Siamese cats can develop food intolerance and throw up undigested foods. 

Some Siamese cats are susceptible to illnesses that characterize vomiting. Pancreatitis and esophageal hypomotility are among the common illnesses in Siamese cats. 

Visit your vet if your cat won’t stop vomiting. The good news is, occasional vomiting in Siamese cats is often not a cause for panic.

We gathered all the health tips tailored towards maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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