Do Siamese Cats Need Professional Grooming?

Siamese cats may seem like they always look their best. But like all cats, they do need professional grooming from time to time. 

Siamese cats self-groom by licking their fur and paws. This is an instinctive grooming behavior that Siamese cats do throughout their lives. 

I still recommend professional grooming because their natural self-grooming can’t reach all the places that fur builds up on a cat’s body. 

Let me take you through everything you need to know about keeping your cat looking its best from head to tail. 

How Often Should I Bathe My Siamese Cat?

Siamese cats are spotless animals and thus don’t need as much bathing as other breeds. However, if your cat gets dirty or smells bad, you’ll want to give him or her a bath. I recommend bathing your Siamese cat every few months or as needed. 

Consider the cat’s grooming needs when deciding how often it should bathe. 

Bathing too often can dry out your cat’s skin and cause uncomfortable rashes or irritation. 

If you have young kittens or older cats, consult with a veterinarian before bathing them. 

You also don’t want to over-bathe your Siamese cat. 

Overbathing can lead to greasiness and odor problems. It’s essential to follow the natural grooming habits of your Siamese cat. These include removing mats and trimming nails. It’s always best to go with the flow rather than forcing your Siamese cat into a specific routine. 

Cats do a good job at cleaning themselves, but if you need to bathe your kitty, try using cat-specific shampoo. If the label doesn’t say that it’s for cats, don’t buy it. A cat’s skin needs a certain pH level, unlike humans. 

You can find a variety of cat shampoos on the market today. Avoid buying shampoo containing tea tree oil because it can harm your cat. Never assume that because a product says “for cats,” that’s safe for them. 

Read the ingredient list and make sure everything listed is safe for cats! 

Do Cats Need to be Groomed Professionally?

There are a few things to consider when deciding if you should groom your cat through a professional or not. These include how much your cat needs, if it has any mats or tangles, and if you feel comfortable doing it yourself. 

You may want to have your cat groomed by a professional if he or she has long hair and sheds a lot. This will help keep the shedding under control. Some cats have a hard time reaching their back and tail for self-grooming. Focus on making sure you are brushing those areas. A professional groomer is a good choice if you are too busy to groom your cat every day. 

Some prefer having someone else take care of their cat’s grooming needs. In any case, choose a reputable groomer who will handle your cat with care. 

I used to think that giving my Siamese cats professional grooming was a bit of a luxury. But after seeing the amazing transformation after their visit, I realize it’s worth it!

Batman and Robyn were always beautiful, but they were even more stunning after the groomer worked his magic. They looked like different cats! Their fur was so soft and silky, and they smelled amazing. 

Do Siamese Cats Like to be Brushed? 

From what I’ve seen, yes, they do! They seem to enjoy the process and always look so content afterward. It’s because they know their owner is taking care of them. 

Try starting with short brushing sessions if your Siamese cat doesn’t like being brushed. You can lengthen the amount of time you spend brushing after several sessions. 

You may also want to try a different brush, such as a soft-bristled brush, to see if your cat prefers that. 

Use a comb to catch loose hair after brushing your cat’s fur. Then give them a final wipe-down with a chamois cloth to ensure they’re looking their best. Your shorthaired cat will remain sleek and gorgeous with this routine. 

How Often Should Siamese Cats be Professionally Groomed?

Most Siamese cats need a weekly grooming session to keep their fur in good condition.

Ensure you have the proper tools and training if you decided to groom your Siamese at home. Cats can be very delicate and require great skill in grooming. 

Do Siamese Cats Feel Better After Being Groomed?

Cats tend to respond quite well to grooming. They like it when their owners brush them because it stimulates their nerves. Some cats only tolerate the process, while others look forward to it. 

Some cats, however, may become irritable if you brush their fur the wrong way. 

The best part about visiting a groomer is that my Siamese cats always seem so relaxed and happy afterward. Batman and Robyn purred with contentment. It’s been a few months now, and I’ll make sure to take them for professional grooming after 2-3 months. 

It’s definitely worth the investment, and I know that they appreciate it too. 

What is Included in Cat Grooming? 

Grooming a cat entails several activities. It includes bruising their hair, bathing them, and clipping their nails. 

Be gentle but firm when grooming your cat. You should never use harsh brushes or combs. You should pay attention to the skin around your cat’s eyes, ears, and paws. These areas are prone to dryness, leading to irritation and infection. 

What Does a Professional Groomer Do?

A professional groomer is someone who specializes in the care of animals. In other words, they are responsible for the health and hygiene of your pet. 

Professional groomers will bathe your pet, clip their nails, de-flea, and de-mite them. A groomer’s services are often expensive, although rates vary. It sometimes depends on where you live and the type of pet you own. Generally, the starting price for a professional grooming session is around $50. 

Prices can also differ if you opt for a specific type of grooming service. 

Differences Between Professional and DIY Grooming 

There are differences between professional and DIY grooming for Siamese cats. 

  1. The most obvious difference is time. Regular grooming sessions will consume a large chunk of your time. This is especially true if you have many pets. You’ll need to be consistent with your grooming sessions. 
  1. Professional groomers have the right tools and equipment to do a good job. They also have experience grooming different cat breeds. They know how to deal with Siamese cats.
  2. You’ll need to buy special grooming tools if you groom your Siamese at home. That can get expensive over time. It’s better to hire a professional groomer and spend the money on other things for your cat.
  3. Having a professional groomer also gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about whether your kitty is being properly groomed. 


Siamese cats need minimal grooming. However, they still need to visit a professional groomer now and then. No matter how prickly they are, they still purr like a kitten when they are at the groomer. 

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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