Do Siamese Cats Like to be Held?

There is a popular consensus that cats are aloof, solitary creatures – masters of their domain. Dog people want a doting best friend and cat people are looking for a more distant pal, right?  If you believe this, you’re likely to miss out on the tender affection and empathy of the Siamese cat.

One of the most affectionate breeds you will ever encounter, Siamese cats like to be held.  And cuddled.  And because they love heights, they’ll climb you like a cat tree! An outgoing people-cat, they thrive on physical closeness and will give as good as they get.

Why do Siamese cats like to be held?

Siamese cats enjoy giving and receiving affection, but they seem to have the attention span of a toddler. I use this example because this is also a very active cat. While the typical house cat is content to sleep the hours away, the Siamese has a busy day planned. And good news –  it all includes you!  

All the ways your Siamese kitten or cat will be your BF!

  • Cuddly
  • Active
  • Affectionate
  • Loyal
  • Dependent

He’ll wake up beside you, like right beside your head on your pillow! Then, like a young child, he’ll play until his sleepy blue eyes can’t stay open any longer.  Then he’ll be most content curled up in your lap, or beside you on the couch.  

And do Siamese cats like to be held? Oh, Yes! (But not like a baby – cats don’t feel secure this way.  This has to do with their spatial perception.)  And he will more than tolerate your attention. He’ll demand it. 

One reason they enjoy being held more than other cats, is they want to be up as high up as possible.  So major points if you happen to be tall!

Being held isn’t the only thing that Siamese cats like. Check out this article where we discussed other things that Siamese cats love, aside from their owner, of course.

How do you bond with a Siamese cat?

This breed is famous for their devoted attachment to their human, and bonds to them for life. If you are this lucky chosen one, your cat will act as a second shadow, following you around everywhere you go. If she tries to follow outside, order a leash – she’ll be amenable!

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Chocolate Point Siamese Cat Robyn

Instead of chasing a toy mouse or sparkly ball, she’ll lead you right to her favorite toy and insist you play with her. This feline is quite dependent on interaction with their human family.  So if you burn the midnight oil at the office, this might not be the best fit for either of you. 


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Males tend to be more affectionate, while the female shows her love in more subtle ways. Male Siamese cats like to be held and cuddled, while their sisters prefer to show their love by being close to you.

Take my Batman for example. Batman is a very sweet and gentle boy.  He listens for me to come home from work and runs to the door as soon as he hears me come in.  

Then he pushes up against my legs until I acknowledge him. He’ll also rub his cheeks on my feet, making sure he marks me as his own. My girl, Robyn, is more reserved and only comes out when she wants to. 

Her purr isn’t as loud as Batman’s, but she loves to have my undivided attention. If Batman and their brother, Boots, aren’t around, she’ll jump up on my bed and lay with me while I rub her soft fur.  

Every individual cat is different, so you can’t press an invisible button on their tummy and expect a purr. Like with any relationship, you have to learn her personality and grow together.  And you have a big part to play in shaping your cat’s personality.

If you need a little help with memorizing every part of your Siamese cat’s unique personality, I wrote the exact article for that. Simply click the link to explore all the ways Siamese cats are different.

What about a Siamese cat from a shelter?

In this case, nurture only accentuates the Siamese cat’s affectionate nature. So from the time you bring your new kitten home from the shelter, you need to reciprocate all the attention she bestows upon you.

If you’ve ever volunteered at an animal shelter, you’ve seen terrified cats and kittens. They shy away from human touch like they would a hot burner.  But over time, as kind people love them, they even begin to request human contact. And despite popular belief, it isn’t always too late after a kitten reaches maturity at six months.  

I know this from experience.  Even the most hardened street cat can learn to love again and will mirror your affection to some extent.  So you can be sure that a Siamese kitten will respond to, and reciprocate physical attention.

Places where you can find a kitten or cat to save:

Siamese cats like to be held this way

So you’ve decided to adopt a Siamese cat. You’re looking through the glass, and then it happens – you see the kitten who was born to be yours.  He’s snow-white with the most perfect dark grey markings around his tiny pink nose. 

The volunteers let you in to play with him and you have a blast. “Would you like to hold him?” they ask.  And you freeze because you’ve never held a living, breathing being this small.  

If you do this right, most Siamese cats like to be held. So how should you hold him? Lift his hind legs while supporting his torso with the other. Critical for his survival in the wild, he’ll want to protect these powerful limbs.  

And holding the upper part of his torso helps him to balance and feel safe in your arms. Then it’s up to the cat. A kitten or smaller cat is likely to borough into your chest – especially if you have a broad one.  And they love crawling into your jacket because it’s safe and warm!

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.”
― Colette

Are Siamese cats clingy?

I remember when I brought my very first Siamese home. It was an interesting experience for the both of us, to say the least. When we both became more comfortable around each other, I noticed that he simply would not leave me alone

Every time I took a shower, he had to be there. Meowing at the glass as if to say “you’re really doing this alone?” 

I was dead set on the idea of not letting my new kitty into my bedroom. He had free-roam of the house, but that room was off-limits. 

However, after nights of endless screaming at my door, I finally caved and let him in. Mind you, it was a good choice for both of us. He made an excellent cuddle buddy!

Long story short, I spent the first few months wondering if all Siamese cats were this clingy, or if I had just brought home a little attention seeker. 

Turns out, Siamese cats are just an extremely clingy breed. It’s no secret that while these cats are very intelligent and loving, they’re also rather demanding and clingy. 

However, I don’t particularly see it as a bad thing. Siamese cats crave companionship and engagement, which can often come across as “too clingy.” 

Just like all things in life, there is a reason for this. If your Siamese is clingy beyond control, it’s most likely because something is wrong. Either they are feeling neglected, or they’re trying to tell you something.

Siamese cats are high-maintenance creatures. That being said, their needs are actually quite simple – it may just take some time getting used to. 

Remember this: Siamese kitties are the most interactive, chatty, playful, and attention-seeking kitties out there.

So while you’re willing to accept their desirable traits, such as their striking beauty and colorful personality, you need to be willing to accept those you deem “undesirable.” 

As I said before, I was also extremely surprised about how much attention these felines needed. But I can tell you that once you know how to please a Siamese, it’s easy sailing from there.

If you provide your Siamese with enough interaction as well as mental and physical stimulation, you’ll notice they become a lot less clingy. I found that playing with my Siamese for at least 1 hour a day was a great outlet for all that bubbling energy. 

Of course, he still came for cuddles at night and often asked “where are you going?” but it became a lot more manageable and something I learned to love.

Can Siamese cats get anxiety?

As I had mentioned briefly, a clingy Siamese can be a great indicator that something much bigger is at play. 

This may seem like a reach, but felines can actually develop anxiety and depression if they’re feeling neglected. Due to the amount of attention Siamese cats crave, it isn’t uncommon for these kitties to feel anxious. 

I found out very quickly that my Siamese didn’t like me being away from home for too long. 

I have had other breeds in the past, and it was almost like they didn’t realize I was even gone. When I came home, they looked at me as if to say “Wait, you went out?”

When it came to my Siamese, not only did I have neighbors expressing their concerns over the loud and constant meowing, I could just tell he felt upset. So, I quickly changed my schedule to ensure I wasn’t away for long periods of time. 

If you suspect your Siamese is suffering from anxiety, it’s time to give them some extra loving and care.

Other signs, apart from clinginess, to look out for: 

  • Sleeping too often
  • Being more vocal than usual
  • Signs of aggression and antisocial behavior
  • Destructive behavior (tearing up the house)
  • Overgrooming

If your Siamese is still showing signs of anxiety after you’ve dedicated more time to them, it’s a good idea to take them to the vets. These could all be an indicator that something bigger is at play.

Do Siamese cats get attached to one person?

Let’s just say, you don’t choose your Siamese – they choose you.

Siamese kitties are at the top of the list when it comes to bonding with that one special person. While it is very normal behavior to form this attachment, that’s not to say they won’t love all their other human family members too.  

Why these creatures from this attachment, however, is a lot more complicated than it may seem.

I once had a friend come to me to air her concerns about her Siamese. She had told me that no matter how many times she fed Mr. Fluffy, no matter how many treats, and no matter how clean his litter box was, he just preferred her husband. 

I had to break it to her that no matter what she did, Mr. Fluffy would always prefer to cuddle with her husband, simply because her husband was “his” person. 

Most of the time (not including situations where Siamese kitties feel threatened by a particular person) there is no reason why a Siamese cat picks who they do. It doesn’t have anything to do with who feeds them, contrary to what many people believe.

It’s not your kitties’ fault either. They probably don’t even know why they picked the person they did. Sometimes the connection is just that – something that doesn’t need to be explained. I prefer red over purple. There’s no reason. I just do.

In fact, in 2007 a study all about cats and their attachment habits was conducted by Claudia Edwards. 

In this study, a total of 28 cats, all aged between 1-7, were put through the feline version of the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test. The SST test evaluates children and their attachments towards their parents and other people. 

The study showed that cats manifest their attachment behaviors towards their owners in a very similar way as 1-2-year-old children do to their parents.

So, when cats are around “their people” they become a lot more playful and chatty.

When they’re around strangers, they become more reserved and spend most of the time hanging out by the door. 

If you’ve ever been around young children, or perhaps have children of your own, you’ll know that they react in a similar way when around people they don’t know. 

So, Siamese kitties and children really aren’t all that different.

Siamese cats are devoted to you

Your Siamese cat will also find other ways to remind you of his ever-lasting devotion.  A nuzzle, head butt, or telling you in detail about his day, are all adorable little extras.  There are also more subtle signs of affection.  

Your cat might twine their tail around your legs, or be intent on watching everything you do. It’s almost like they’re trying to learn how!

So yes, all things being equal, Siamese cats like to be held and cuddled.  But remember that each cat is an individual.  Many variables will determine their level of trust and affection. Treat him with love and respect, and you will enjoy a long, fulfilling relationship.

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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