Do Siamese Cats Get Lonely?

It’s probably important to begin by saying, Siamese cats rely heavily on human interaction. 

Siamese kitties have been winning the hearts of millions with their unique personalities, resembling a dog more than their fellow aloof felines. These special cats are known to be incredibly affectionate, vocal, and playful. 

Since they strive to be with their human parents constantly, it’s only natural they’ll begin to feel lonely when they’re not around. In fact, if a Siamese cat doesn’t receive enough love, or they are left alone too often, they can actually develop depression and anxiety. 

Many people opt for a cat as a companion instead of a dog, since they believe cats can be left alone without complication. While that is true for a lot of breeds, the Siamese cat is very different. 

So, If you’re thinking about adding one of these wonderful creatures into your life, there are a few things you should consider first!

Do Siamese cats get separation anxiety?

Solitary is the way of life for most felines. They enjoy their alone time just as much as eating, and some owners may even be offended at how well their cats cope without them. Siamese, on the other hand, can form an attachment to their owners which is borderline unhealthy.

Once these loyal felines have bonded with their owner, when their humans aren’t around they can quickly become bored. Boredom leads to anxiety, which can then lead to destructive behavior such as loud vocalization, scratching anything they can get their paws on, or litter box amnesia. It’s not unusual for cats suffering from separation anxiety to exhibit aggressive behavior as you’re about to leave.

If you’ve ever been to a shelter that houses Siamese cats, you may notice they have emotionally shut down. Instead of fighting for attention and love, they’ll look like unfriendly loners. However, this is a prime example of a Siamese going through depression due to a lack of human love and contact. They can go days without eating and they’ll usually be found sleeping. 

Many people bring a Siamese into their life without having enough time to dedicate to them. The truth is, these cats need to be lavishly adored, and if you don’t have enough time on your hands, you’re better off getting another breed. 

The best way to deal with this is to stay at home all day every day. But of course, we can’t do that! The next best thing is making sure your Siamese feels comfortable and entertained while you’re away. 

  • Give your Siamese more time and affection. Sometimes it’s all they need and a little interaction will go a long way towards helping with their emotional problems. 
  • Toys, toys, and more toys. A great way to keep a Siamese kitty entertained is making sure they have enough toys to keep them busy. Get a few that invoke a reaction; some plastic balls they can play soccer around the house with or make a noise when they move.
  • Give them their own room. A space that is exclusively theirs, filled with toys, cat towers, and scratching posts will help them feel secure and entertained.
  • Leave some music or the tv playing in the background. That’ll help them feel less lonely.
  • Provide them with a window view. Siamese cats will happily sit hours upon end watching the outside world go by.
  • Use treat puzzles to keep them occupied.
  • Have a cat tower or high perch they can jump and climb from. 

If you suspect their anxiety is caused by other issues (illness, a new pet or person at home, or a disruption in their environment) you can ask your vet to prescribe some anti-anxiety medication.

Do Siamese cats need a companion?

Siamese cats thrive in numbers, just like many other breeds. When they have a fellow friend at home, whether it be a cat or a dog, will help them feel a lot less lonely. 

Siamese cats are incredibly playful creatures, therefore having another playful critter in their life will mean they’re entertained no matter what. If you’re considering adopting a Siamese, think about adopting 2. Sure, it may sound like more work, but it’ll make them much happier in the long run. 

Some companions great for Siamese cats include:

  • Other Siamese cats: The best animal to match the playfulness and personality of a Siamese is a Siamese itself. They may be a little difficult to handle, but they’ll keep each other entertained!
  • Puppies: In the movie world, cats and dogs are enemies. In the real world cats and dogs – despite a few bumps in the road – can be perfect companions. Puppies are full of energy, therefore they’ll be able to keep up with the playful Siamese. 
  • Other playful cat breeds: Abyssian, Siberian and Main cats are all breeds that have similar personalities to Siamese cats.
  • Kids: Since Siamese cats love human interaction, having a playful child in your home will mean they’re both entertained for hours. Siamese cats make wonderful family pets!

Despite Siamese cats being sociable creatures, they don’t get along well with everyone. Take a look at some pets that don’t match well with the Siamese:

  • The opposite doesn’t attract: If you have a cat who enjoys being alone and is more laid back than the Siamese, then they probably will not gel well. They need a cat as active as they are.
  • Unsociable pets: If you have a pet that doesn’t match the energy of your Siamese, then this will do more worse than good. An old pet who doesn’t have a lot of energy or pets who live in cages – such as rabbits, etc – won’t be a good match with your Siamese.

Siamese cats can be very territorial, especially when they’ve already bonded with their human. That’s why it’s better to adopt two at the same time. If you already have an animal at home, or you’re looking to introduce a new one to your Siamese, it is important to introduce them slowly and carefully

So, do Siamese cats get lonely?

Yes, Siamese cats definitely do get lonely! They’re sociable creatures who rely heavily on human interaction. If they’re left alone too long or too often, they’ll quickly become depressed.

Leaving things at home to keep them entertained while you’re gone will help slightly. The best way to battle loneliness is by providing your Siamese with a companion. That way, even when you’re away, they’ll have someone to play with!

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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