Do Siamese Cats Get Jealous?

These cats can get territorial in the presence of unintroduced pets. Siamese cats can become super protective when there are new house guests. 

Siamese cats do have jealous tendencies. They can get aloof and pushy when they don’t get enough attention. 

But wait, they’re friendly and pleasant, right? Yes, but they are still likely to feel jealous at times. 

These jealous tendencies stem from their strong attachments to their human family.

Keep reading to discover why your cat acts jealous and how to help stop it. Time to solve this kitty jealousy mystery!

What do Siamese cats do when they become jealous?

1. Siamese cats show aggressive behaviors.

  • Siamese cats display aggressive behaviors to show their owners how they feel.
  • They attack inanimate objects to express their disappointment.
  • They hiss and howl often.
  • They pee outside the litter box to get revenge for the bad feeling they’re experiencing.
  • They start scratching furniture to get more of your attention.

2. Siamese cats get anxious or depressed

  • They start to feel insecure when they don’t get their owners’ love and care.
  • They act lazy and will not want to eat.
  • They do not exchange eye contact.
  • They hide almost all the time.

3. Siamese cats display fawning behaviors.

  • They give loud meows.
  • They rub against you more often.
  • They purr repetitively in an attempt for more attention.

Take note of these behaviors. Although some appear to be cute and rebellious, they shouldn’t be tolerated. These behaviors will worsen your cat’s insecurities. When dealing with a jealous Siamese, most people think that scolding is the best way to make the cat behave, but this approach is ineffective.

Encourage behavioral modification through positive reinforcements and rewards. It’s essential to deal with jealousy in cats ahead of time. Don’t wait for your Siamese cat to show aggressive behaviors and depression symptoms.

Do Siamese cats have a favorite person?

Siamese cats almost always have a favorite person. They pick one person to always follow and adore over others.

A Siamese cat’s favorite person is usually the one who feeds and plays with him. Siamese cats mark you as theirs when you provide them with food, water, litter boxes, bed, and treats. 

When a Siamese cat has a favorite person, everyone in the house knows who it is. These cats can be over-expressive about their feelings for their favorite. 

Prepare to receive extra love from your super affectionate and loving furry buddy. There is a clear difference when the cat is with his favorite and least favorite person. Accept his choice with an open heart if you are the lucky one chosen by your Siamese cat.

What makes Siamese cats jealous?

The best thing to do to stop your cat from being jealous is to figure out the cause. Here are some of the frequent reasons why a Siamese cat might be acting jealous: 

1. Siamese cats get jealous when they yearn for more bonding time.

Siamese cats are sociable felines. They need daily interaction from their owners. Your Siamese cat gets jealous when you avoid playtime sessions. Your cat also becomes envious when he feels you’re ignoring him.

Your cat can get jealous if you start paying more attention to something else. Whether it’s your phone, your cat may notice you’re spending more time on it. This means less time with him, making your cat feel envious.

2. Siamese cats get jealous when they see someone near them as competition.

Your Siamese cat may think there’s a battle for your attention when they meet strange faces at home. Be sure to teach your Siamese cat how to stay calm when people come over or when new pets join the family. Your cat needs to socialize early on so it doesn’t act weird around new people and doesn’t resort to aggression.

3. Siamese cats develop jealous behaviors when abandoned for too long.

If a cat is left alone for a long time when young, it might not know how to act around new people and situations. If no one teaches it how to act in new situations, the cat might start to feel insecure and jealous.

4. Siamese cats get jealous when new pets are in the house.

Siamese cats may become jealous if a new pet joins the family. Your Siamese cat believes the newcomer is not welcome in their territory. Your cat will react to let you know of his disapproval. Your cat may also resent you if he sees you giving more attention to the new pet.

Siamese cats can get along with almost any other pet if you do a proper introduction. If you bring a pet with no gradual introduction, your Siamese cat will see the new one as a rival instead of a friend.

Would it be wise to get another Siamese cat?

Two Siamese cats in the house are a terrific idea since they will be able to communicate with each other. Batman and Robyn get along well. They are there for each other to provide companionship. 

Male and female cats get along better than Siamese cats of the same sex. They will not engage in a territorial battle over dominance. They’ll be the best companions to share a home.

What other cat breeds do Siamese cats get along with well?

If you can’t get a second Siamese cat, the next best option is a breed that gets along with your Siamese companion.

These are some of the cat breeds that can get along well with your Siamese buddy:

1. Maine Coon cat

2. Ragdoll cat

3. Persian cat

4. Sphynx cat

5. Bengal

6. Abyssinian cat

7. Siberian cat

8. Exotic Shorthair

9. Rescue cat

What dog breeds do Siamese cats get along with well?

Cats and almost all dogs can get along. But some dog breeds get along better with Siamese cats than others. It’s essential to consider the dog’s personality to see if it can get along with your cat’s personality. 

These dogs could be your next Siamese cat’s best friend:

1. Corgis

2. Beagles

3. Pugs

4. Poodles

How can I prevent jealousy in my cat?

1. Find out the reason for your cat’s jealousy. 

2. Don’t reward your cat if he is still displaying aggressive behaviors.

3. Don’t pet your cat if he still clings to you too much.

4. Don’t give in to your cat’s demands because he’s jealous.

5. Give your cat a tasty meal or treat when he feels calm already. It will help you get closer to him again.

6. Give your cat more attention.

7. Reassure your cat that he is still important to you by setting regular play dates. 

8. Put your Siamese cat back in his personal space and near his belongings.

9. If you get a new pet, feed your Siamese cat first. Only then should you feed the new pet. Feed them in separate spaces with their food and water bowls. It will remind your cat of his importance and he won’t feel left out.

10. Get your new pet another litter box. Your Siamese cat won’t be happy sharing his litter box.

11. Do not scold your cat. If you want your pal to listen to you, talk to him in a caring and calming way.

To Wrap It All Up

I hope this post can help you understand why your cat is jealous and how you can begin to help him. Dealing with a jealous cat can be perplexing and stressful at times. There are ways to deal with it, and you don’t need to do it alone. Don’t be afraid to ask the vet for help to make your cat feel better as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

Want to learn more about your Siamese cat’s behavior? We have compiled every information you need to navigate through the fascinating world of Siamese cats: Everything About a Siamese Cat’s Behavior: A Comprehensive Guide

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