Do All Siamese Cats Have Black Paws?

Despite what you may have been told, not all Siamese cats have black paws! In fact, the color of the Siamese is quite complex; the shade and the color of their paws, tails, noses, and even paw pads all depend on their specific “points.”

For example, a flame point Siamese has very light points on their paws, tails, noses, and ears. Their bodies are a light cream color, with reddish-orange points. 

While flame point Siamese aren’t an official color variation, they are still very much a Siamese kitty! 

Do Siamese cats have black paws?

While some variations of Siamese have dark paws, I wouldn’t say they are exactly black. 

All Siamese cats follow the same pattern; bright blue eyes, creamy-colored coats, darker noses, tails, ears, paws, nose leather, and paw pads. These are what we call “points.” 

That is why you will come across many variations of Siamese with names such as “seal point” or “chocolate point.” These are all Siamese cats; they are just different colors. 

Currently, only four color points are recognized as official. However, there are over 13 out there, all with unique paws and patterns. 

Those official four include:

  • Blue points: have greyish-blue points 
  • Lilac points: have very pale, pink-toned points. They are the lightest of all four variations
  • Seal points: have very dark brown points.
  • Chocolate points: have lighter, chocolate-colored points. 

When you take a look at the seal point Siamese, it is easy to think their points are black due to the darkness of their brown. But, if you look closely, you will see that they are, in fact, not black. 

Can Siamese have white paws?

Now, you may have heard the term “Snowshoe Siamese.” These pretty kitties are like the classic Siamese cat, but with a few differences. They have all white paws (hence the name) and a fuller, rounder face and body. They also have their own personalities. 

Snowshoe cats are not purebred Siamese, and they are a mix between an American Shorthair and Siamese and are actually their own breed altogether. So, their name is only “Snowshoe” and not “Snowshoe Siamese.” 

A purebred Siamese can not have white paws, as their color points are always darker than their creamy bodies. 

Since Snowshoe kitties are closely related to the Siamese, they are also born all white and later develop color points everywhere but their paws. 

Is my cat part Siamese?

If you’ve adopted a cat with striking blue eyes, point colorations, and a rather impressive voice, you may be wondering if they are part Siamese. 

While you can always do a DNA analysis (I’ve tried myself, they’re actually quite interesting!), there are a few physical signs that may give you your answer. 

1. Eyes

One of my favorite things about my Siamese cats, Batman and Robyn, are their striking blue eyes. 

Unlike your average moggie, who will lose their blue eyes as they grow, a Siamese will always keep them. The blue could be varying shades of light or dark, but all Siamese have blue eyes either way. 

Another trait of the Siamese is the shape of their eyes. If your kitty has almond-shaped blue eyes, there’s a chance there could be some Siamese heritage down the line. 

2. Head

Traditional and modern are the two distinct Siamese types. 

Traditional Siamese has triangular-shaped heads with skinny bodies, and the modern Siamese have rounder bodies and wedge-shaped heads. 

If your cat has a distinct shaped head or body matching this description, they may be part Siamese. 

3. Color

As I mentioned, all Siamese cats have point coloration, and these points are typically darker than the rest of their body and appear on the nose, paws, tails, and ears of the Siamese. 

We established that a Siamese mix could have white paws, but a purebred can not. So, if your cat has chocolate-colored points on their nose, ears, and tail but has white paws, there’s a chance they could be mixed with a Snowpoint cat and a chocolate point Siamese. 

Keep in mind that a few other breeds have points, so it is not always a tell-tale sign, especially if it isn’t paired with anything else on this list. 

4. Personality

If you’ve found your cat to have any of these physical traits, it’s a good idea to consider their personality. 

Siamese cats are known for their loving, friendly, and outgoing personalities. They quickly get attached to their owners and often follow them around like a shadow (Batman and Robyn are stuck to me like glue!)

These pretty kitties are incredibly talkative and will always let you know when they need something, even to move their bed slightly to the left. 

Siamese are also very playful creatures. They enjoy nothing more than running around with their owners, chasing toy mice and laser pointers. 

Of course, personality is subjective to each cat, no matter what breed they are. But, if your cat is very vocal, playful, outgoing, and loving, this could indicate that they are part Siamese. 

Do Siamese cats change color?

Yes, Siamese coats can actually change color depending on the temperature! 

You may be surprised to know that Siamese are born white. Due to a gene mutation that affects the color enzymes, they are actually partly albino, and this mutation prevents the color gene from working in certain temperatures. 

When your Siamese’s body temperature drops to a certain point, this gene kicks back in, developing patches of colors we now call “points.” Since your Siamese cat’s nose, ears, tail, and paws are the coldest parts of their bodies; this is where the pigment develops. The color these points become are all controlled by the cat’s primary color gene. 

You may also notice slight graduation between your Siamese’s color points. This is because those areas are colder than the core body temperature, yet not as cold as the points.

Interesting, huh? 

Why are Siamese kittens lighter than adults?

When a Siamese kitten is inside their mother’s womb, the temperature is warm and stable. Due to this warm temperature, the gene mutation blocks the color from developing – this is why Siamese cats are born all white. 

The color points do not begin to develop until the Siamese is at least a week old. Even then, it takes an entire year for your Siamese to completely develop their color. 

If the breeder is experienced, they may be able to guess what color points the kitten will have by looking at their nose leather and paw pads. 

Kittens tend to be less expensive due to this gene mutation, as breeders never really know what they will look like until a year after birth. Adult Siamese can be sold for more if they have strong color points. 

So, what color paws do Siamese have?

The color of your Siamese paws all depends on their colorpoints. Typically, they will be much darker than the rest of their body and are usually a shade of brown or a slivery-blue. 

Some color variations have very light paws, such as the flame point Siamese; however, they have yet to be recognized as an official Siamese coloring. 

If your Siamese has white paws, there is a high chance that they are a Snowpoint Siamese. If you’re curious whether your cat is part Siamese, take a look at their eyes, fur color, and personality to give you a better idea!

Want to immerse yourself more in the captivating world of Siamese cats? I’ve got all the information you need from their distinct color points to their fun personalities: Siamese Cats: Unique Features and Personality

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