21 Little-Known Facts About Red Point Siamese Cats

Red point Siamese cats are very distinctive in looks. Their blue eyes and bright warm orange points give them a very exotic look and feel. 

What is it about this breed that makes it so special? Let’s take a look at some little-known facts about red point Siamese cats: 

How rare is a Red Point Siamese cat? 

Red points are rare, especially compared to other colors and patterns of Siamese cats. This coloration is a result of a genetic mutation. As a result, these cats are often in high demand by breeders and collectors. 

There is no definitive answer on how many Red Point Siamese cats exist. Yet, it is safe to say that they are less common than other colors and patterns of Siamese cats. 

Red Point Siamese Cat Facts 

Red Point Siamese cats are one of the unique and interesting cat breeds. Though they are not as popular as some other Siamese cats, they are still as lovely and make great pets. 

Here are 21 lesser-known facts about Red Point Siamese cats: 

  1. Red point Siamese is also known as the Flame Point Siamese. 
  1. They have a creamy white body. Their points, or the dark markings on their bodies, can range in color. They may go from a deep reddish-brown to a light-brunt orange. 
  1. They are medium-sized cats, with males weighing 9 to 12 pounds and females weighing 6 to 10 pounds. 
  1. The Red Point Siamese is not currently recognized by major cat fancy organizations. 
  1. Red Points are one of the longest-lived cat breeds, with a life expectancy of 14 to 16 years. 
  1. Red Points are very people-oriented and love to be where the action is. 
  1. They are intelligent cats, and you can train them to do tricks or walk on a leash. 

Red Point Siamese have a high intelligence level and the ability to learn tricks faster. They are also very good at problem-solving. 

  1. They are good-natured cats and get along well with children. 

When a friend of mine first got his Red Point Siamese, he was a bit skittish around new people. After a few weeks of regular interaction, he has become much more friendly. 

  1. They are not particularly cuddly cats, but they do like to be around their humans. They sometimes like it if their owners pet them. 

My Siamese cat will go to great lengths to get me to pet her. She’ll paw at me, rub against my leg, or even jump on my lap, so she can be closer. She’s a social butterfly who loves to be with people. That’s not always easy when you live in an apartment with two other cats! 

  1. They are low-maintenance cats and don’t need a lot of grooming. 
  1. They are not prone to shedding, but you do need to brush them once or twice a week to avoid mats and tangles in their fur. 
  1. Red Point Siamese cats are good climbers and love to explore high places. 

When I was in high school, my dad had a Red Point Siamese cat. He would climb up on the counters and onto the walls of our kitchen cabinets. Watching him freak out when he realized that he couldn’t quite reach the top of his favorite spot was so funny. 

  1. These cats are also very adaptable and can do well in both indoor and outdoor environments. 
  1. They are prone to weight gain, so it’s important to keep an eye on their diet. 

Siamese cats often have sensitive stomachs, making them more susceptible to overeating. While they may seem like they’re eating everything in sight, they usually need less food than a typical cat. They should be eating only when hungry and not stuffing themselves with treats. 

Here are some tips for keeping your Siamese cat healthy: 

  • Keep a close eye on your cat’s food intake. You should be feeding your cat twice a day. If you see that they are eating more than usual, ensure they have plenty of water and don’t overfeed them. Remember that they will get fat because they love having food available all day long!
  • Don’t feed your cat human food! This is not good for them in any way. They can get sick from eating foods that aren’t meant for cats. 
  1. They are particularly muscular cats. 

If you look at a red point Siamese cat, it will look very muscular. This is because they are a very muscular breed. They have a lot of strength. As a result of their muscular frame, many people think that Siamese cats can’t be indoor cats. This is not true. 

They are very athletic and can jump high. Their muscular build also makes them great hunters. They can run very fast and move with agility. As a result, they are an excellent choice if you want to keep pests like mice out of your house. 

Their muscular build and athletic nature make them perfect pets for active people. If you are a person who enjoys playing sports, a red point Siamese cat will make an excellent pet. 

  1. People know Siamese cats for their strong personalities. Red points are no exception to this rule. They are very loyal to their owners but also very dominant. 
  1. They want to be the leader of the pack, and they won’t hesitate to let you know they aren’t happy. For example, red points don’t like it if you leave them alone. They will tell you that you are neglecting them if you are gone for long hours during the day. 
  1. They are also very vocal and will communicate their needs and wants often. If you are looking for a quiet cat that will sit in the corner and not bother you, a red point Siamese cat is not for you. 
  1. These cats are very affectionate but aren’t the type to sit on your lap and be cuddled. 
  1. Red Points love to play and are very active, even into their senior years. 
  1. They are also very territorial. If you have other pets in the house, they will try to assert dominance over them. 

Are Red Point Siamese cats hypoallergenic? 

There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat. Yet, some people may be allergic to certain types of cats more than others. 

Red Point Siamese cats are not known to be any more or less allergy-inducing than any other type of cat. 

How much is a Red Point Siamese?

Red Point Siamese cats can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 or more. This depends on factors such as the cat’s age, health, and pedigree. 

Purchasing a cat from a breeder is more expensive than adopting one from a shelter. It may be worth it to you if you’re looking for a specific type of cat. 

How big do Red Point Siamese cats get?

Red Point Siamese cats reach their largest size of about 10 to 12 pounds. Some individual cats may be larger or smaller than this. 

Red Point Siamese cats are medium-sized cats. They are generally not as large as other popular cat breeds, such as the Maine Coon or the Siberian. 

Do Red Point Siamese have health issues? 

Yes. Red Point Siamese are prone to specific health issues. One of this breed’s most common health concerns is PKD or polycystic kidney disease

PKD is a condition that causes the development of cysts on the kidneys and can lead to kidney failure. 

Red Point Siamese are also at risk of heart problems, respiratory issues, and diabetes. 

To help ensure the health of your Red Point Siamese, it is important to work with a reputable breeder. Likewise, take your cat to the veterinarian for regular check-ups. 


Red Point Siamese cats have a special place in the hearts of cat lovers everywhere. Their distinctive looks and outgoing personalities make them a breed like no other. Their blue eyes and bright, warm orange points make for a stunning combination. 

If you’re looking for a unique breed that still has plenty of love to give, then a Red Point Siamese might be for you! 

Make sure to read our recent articles if you want more information on this fascinating breed.

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