21 Interesting Facts About Blue Point Siamese Cats

Most cat enthusiasts, like me, adore the Blue Point Siamese for more than their piercing blue eyes. Many love their blue-grayish looks and refined, charming personality. 

There is more to know about this recognized breed of Asian cats. I put together some details about breed based on extensive research.

Now to the list! Here are 21 exciting and even surprising facts about Blue Point Siamese cats:

1. The title of the first article about the Blue Point Siamese is “The Genetics of the Bluepoint Siamese Cat.”

“The Genetics of the Bluepoint Siamese Cat ” appeared in The Cat Gazette in 1934. The writers were Virginia Cobb, Clyde Keeler, and Doris Bryant. They were well-known cat breeders back then. 

Their research was the first step toward solving the mystery of the Blue Point Siamese. They continued investigating the Blue Point Siamese mystery. 

They published another piece in CATS Magazine in October 1946. According to the article, the Blue Point Siamese carries the Maltese-Blue gene. Because of this, the Malto-Siamese is another name for the Blue Point.

2. The Blue Point Siamese had a kinked tail in the previous years.

At first, the Blue Point Siamese cats had kinked or bobbed tails. They have been so common in Thailand. A narrative evolved about how a cat’s tail became kinked while saving a king’s life. The heroic cat’s lineage has had crooked or kinked tails ever since. 

The kinked tail was a good thing and admired by many. People thought it was unique and a beautiful part of the breed. Following the official recognition, people take breeding Blue Points to a great degree. The kinked tail was no longer considered an attractive trait but a flaw. 

From the 1950s onward, Siamese cat breeders started to refine and touch up the breed. They noted that a tail that is not long, slender, and straight is a standard error. Breeders determine the “best possible” tail appearance.

Fun fact! In Thailand (before Siam), you can still see Siamese cats with kinked tails.

3. Doreen Tovey is a famous cat author who had many Blue Point Siamese cats in her life. 

Doreen Tovey, a writer of many Siamese cat books, owned several Blue Point Siamese cats. A few of her best books are Cats in Cahoots, More Cats in the Belfry, A Comfort of Cats, and Raining Cats and Donkeys. In one of her works, she described the Blue Point as a Siamese with a blue rinse. She was the president of the West England Siamese Cat Club. 

Sugieh, a Blue Point Siamese cat, was Doreen’s family’s first Siamese pet. They decided to get a Siamese cat because mice were everywhere in their house. Sugieh, being Siamese and stubborn, had little interest in the mice. She keeps hurling herself at a birdcage instead. 

Sugieh loves sprinting up the curtains too. Besides Sugieh, her Siamese cats are Solomon, Seeley, Shebalu, Saphra, and Sheba.

4. Felippo is the most famous Blue Point Siamese cat right now. You can find him on Instagram, with over 61 thousand followers.

Felippo is a celebrity Blue Point who lives with Nicole Lefusadi in the United States. Nicole is an artist creating cat-inspired arts, cat-themed sketches, and other related items.

She adopted Felippo last 2014. On Instagram, Felippo gained a lot of attention with his bright blue eyes and lovely features. Felippo’s Instagram page, Felippo Blue Point Siamese Cat, has over 61,100 followers.

According to his owner Nicole, Felippo loves knocking down stuff. Yay! In one of his most popular videos, Felippo is meowing again and again in search of his tuna, proving how vocal he is. It became viral on April 12, 2019, with more than 189,000 views. Another famous video of Felippo is him gnawing on Nicole’s hand for a few seconds. Since it went online in July 2018, more than 150,000 people have watched it.

Along with Felippo, Baloo the Cat is a Siamese cat so famous on Instagram. On his owner’s Instagram account, Henry + Baloo, Baloo has over 2.2 million followers.

5. Ellen DeGeneres had a rescued blue point Siamese, and his name is George.

Ellen DeGeneres is a famous American producer, television host, and comedian. The Blue Point cat George was a member of Ellen’s family for a decade and a half. George passed away in May 2020. Ellen shared a photo of George on her Facebook page with the message, “I loved her more than words can say.”

In the video, Gandalf stands on top of the cabinet for a long time. His owner, Christina Curtis, said Gandalf thinks he is the king of a castle. Christina captioned the only way to get him down is to give him treats. Giving him treats is the only way to get him down. The YouTube video has almost 63,000 views.

6. Blue Point cats cost a little more than their Siamese cousins.

The Blue Point breed is well-known and pricey. This breed has a wide range of prices, from around $800 to $1,000 for a decent kitten to $2000 to $2,500 for a show-quality kitten. 

Purebred Blue Point Siamese cats are expensive. A well-bred Blue Point kitten from a line of award-winning cats can sell for $2,500 or more.

Blue Point is a rarer breed than Seal Point and Choco Point. If you find a Blue Point Siamese in a shelter, you must pay between $100 and $200 to adopt it. Finding a Blue Point Siamese cat in a shelter is still rare, but it is possible.

Many reputable cat breeders often allow visitors to see the cats’ parents. Check the breeder’s reviews and health testing results of the parent cats before you get one. Checking first is a good move before deciding on a new feline family member.

7. It took 30 years for the Blue Point Siamese to get official recognition as a pure breed.

Blue Point Siamese cats have been around for a long time. The International Cat Fanciers Association did not consider them purebred until 1934. The Blue Point was the first Siamese other than the Seal Point to get official recognition.

8. Blue Point is one of four official Siamese cat color editions.

Siamese cats may look like they come in every color. The Cat Fanciers Association Siamese Breed Standard recognizes only four types. 

Traditional Blue Point Siamese cats have darker coats. Modern Blue Points have a lighter base coat with silver-blue points.

The four official colors are Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, and Lilac Point. Besides these four official colors, you can find Lynx Point and Flame Point Siamese. They are gorgeous Siamese cats.

9. Bult’h Hex, a bluepoint cat, influences the CFA Board to drop “china blue” from the Siamese Standard.

Jeanne Singer, the author of the Siamese Standard, loves Hex the Blue Point. Jeanne was fond of Hex because of the cat’s deep blue eyes. She bred Siamese cats that were always healthy and had good colors for more than 47 years. 

Hex the Blue Point helped remove “china blue” from the Siamese Standard. Siamese eye colors have the same standards afterward.

The Blue Point Siamese is one of the cats that served as the foundation for several other breeds. Along with the Blue Point Siamese are the Colorpoint Shorthair and the Himalayan.

You have many options for their crossbreeds. They have unique and fascinating hybrids. 

Among the most well-known Blue Point offspring are:

  • The elegant Blue Point Balinese

A full-grown Blue Point Balinese usually weighs between 4 and 10 pounds. Despite their lengthy fur, these cats do not shed as much as other cat breeds. Their price range is from $1,000 to $1,500.

Blue Point Balinese
Eye colorsapphire blue
Earsmedium-size, broad bases, and round tips
Bodylong, slim, medium-sized, hips and shoulders are the same width
Taillong, slender, and plumed
Pawssmall, delicate, oval-shaped
Coatmedium-length, single coat with no downy undercoat
How the fur feelssoft to the touch and silky

Blue Point Balinese are intelligent felines. They like to learn new things and are friendly and outgoing. On average, they live between 12 to 15 years.

Amusing fact: 

It may surprise you. Blue Point Balinese cats do not come from Bali, Indonesia. They were present in the United Kingdom and the United States. Yup! Their true home is in the United States, not Bali, as I thought.

  • The amiable Blue Point Burmese

Blue Point Burmese weigh between 8-12 pounds. They are so much heavier than they look. Moreover, they can be average between 12″-16″ tall. They look spotless. They shed less than other varieties of Blue Point Siamese.

Blue Point Burmese
Eye colormost have yellow, and few have blue ones
Earsmedium-size, broad bases, and round tips
Bodymedium size, good muscular development
Tailstraight, about the right length
Pawsthick, round shape
Coatshort and fine
How the fur feelsshiny and satiny

Blue Point Burmese are good family cats. They come from Burma (now Myanmar). They are so attentive and have a welcoming personality. They have a lot of love for you and the pets you have at home. They range in price from $450 to $3000. On average, they live between 12-16 years.

Amusing fact:

Blue Point Burmese cats have outstanding social skills. Burmese cats are great at getting along with others. One thing to remember is they often trust strangers fast. Yay! If you have many guests and a Blue Point Burmese, the Blue Point will be a super entertaining host.

  • The enchanting Blue Point Thai Cat

Most people call them Korat cats. They are exotic felines because of their appearance. 

Korat cats carry the gene that gave the Blue Point Siamese the “blue” coloring. They are Thai in origin. The price of a Korat cat is between $400 and $2000.

A grown-up Korat cat weighs at least 6 to 10 pounds. The Korat breed can be anywhere between 10″ and 14″ tall. 

They are the color-diluted versions of the Seal Point Thai Cat. Korat cats have short fur and do not shed much like other cats. 

Blue Point Thai Cat / Korat
Eye colormost have bright green, and few have yellow or amber ones
Earsbig, broad bases, round tips
Bodymedium size, good muscle tone
Tailmedium length, heavier at the base, rounded at the end
Pawsthick, oval-shaped
Coata single coat that fits so close to the body
How the fur feelssoft and silky

Korat cats get along with anyone, including kids and well-behaved pets. They are playful and super friendly. They are curious and sensitive felines. They build strong bonds with you and often yearn for your company. They get sad and irritable when you leave them alone.

Amusing fact: 

The charming Korat cat is super popular in Thailand. Thai bring Korat cats in pairs as gifts to newlyweds to bring good fortune to their homes and lives. Talk about a famous feline, huh? You can find the Korat cat on a classic Thai postage stamp.

  • The longhaired Blue Point Himalayan

On average, a Blue Point Himalayan cat weighs 7 to 12 pounds. This breed is about average size. Blue Point Himalayans can be anywhere between 12 and 14 inches tall. They cost between $200-$3,000. Expect to see some shedding from them. They have long hair.

Blue Point Himalayan Cat
Eye colormidnight blue
Earssmall, round, low on the head
Bodyround, broad chest and shoulder
Tailthick, plumed, rounded tip
Pawsbig, thick, firm in appearance
Coatlong, double coatsfrills between the front legstufts between the toes
How the fur feelsthick and fluffy

Blue Point Himmies are gentle and sweet. They like to cuddle up with their favorite family members. The Blue Point Himmies are more playful than the typical Persian cat. They love grooming sessions. Himalayans have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Amusing fact: 

The Himalayan region and its famed mountain range did not inspire the term Himalayan. The name of the Himalayan cat comes from the Himalayan rabbit. Both have beautiful coats with points. Oops, that is not what we’re expecting!

11. The loud, high-pitched meow of a Blue Point Siamese cat sounds like a newborn baby’s cry.

The loud meows are because the Blue Point Siamese cat is hungry or can’t get to the litter box. Other times, it is because the cat wants the owner’s attention or does not want to be alone. It could be that the Blue Point Siamese has separation anxiety or is stuck in a room and can’t get out.

12. Blue Point Siamese cats are big fans of climbing bookcases, doors, and trees.

Climbing is a favorite pastime of Blue Point Siamese cats. These cats love to climb over doors and bookcases in your home. These cats can knock things over while climbing. A high cat tree or window perch would be best.

13. Blue Point male Siamese cats are heavier and taller than females.

Check out this table to see how much they weigh and how tall they are on average.

Blue Point SiameseWeightHeight
Male4 – 6 kg29 – 31 cm
Female2.5 kg – 4.5 kg27 – 30 cm

14. Blue Point Siamese cats do not shed as much as other breeds.

Blue Point Siamese cats do not shed as much as other cats. They have short hair, and their coat is soft and smooth. You can get rid of dead hair on your cat’s coat by brushing it once a week. Weekly brushing will reduce shedding even more.

15. Blue Point Siamese cats are prone to poor vision.

Blue Point Siamese cats can get several eye problems. One of the most common eye problems they may have is Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). This genetic disease damages the retina and can lead to blindness in the long run. 

Siamese cats can have two different forms of PRA. One is from an autosomal dominant trait when the Siamese cat is young. The other is an autosomal recessive trait that shows up when the cat is in middle age.

Though some breeders try to help the Siamese get rid of it, it remains an issue. If you plan to get a Blue Point Siamese kitten, ensure the cat’s parents already have a PRA test. Knowing this will help reduce the chances that the kitten will have PRA.

16. Blue Point Siamese cats often have trouble being alone.

Blue Point Siamese cats have a high level of intelligence. They need mental stimulation. Adopting one and leaving the cat alone at home is not a good decision. Left alone for more than eight hours, they may experience separation anxiety. You will know they have separation anxiety if they groom themselves a lot and if they cry and wail all the time.

Make sure you give your Blue Point Siamese enough attention. They are personable and affectionate. These cats often get upset and continue to worry when left alone for a long time.

Moreover, they can become obsessed with one family member. They become jealous when another pet or person tries to compete for their attention. If this happens often enough, they may start to develop anxiety. Share your Blue Point Siamese affection with other household members. This way, the cat can avoid attached behavior.

17. Blue Points get aloof and jealous when they don’t get enough attention.

These cats form strong attachments with their owners. They become jealous when another pet or person tries to compete for their owners’ attention. They also get pushy when they are ignored by their favorite humans. 

They may start to develop aggressive behaviors if this happens often enough. 

Make sure you give your Blue Point Siamese enough attention.

18. Blue Point Siamese cats mature after their second year of growth.

Blue Point Siamese cats are mature to the full extent once they have reached their second year of growth. Another interesting thing to note is their fur keeps changing as long as they live.

19. The average lifespan of a Blue Point Siamese cat is 8–20 years.

One of the cat breeds that lives the longest is the Siamese. The life expectancy of an indoor Blue Point Siamese cat spans anywhere from 15 to 20 years on average. They live an extra 10% longer than other cats. Their long life is one of their remarkable traits.

20. Blue Point Siamese cats have a bluish-white coat that gets darker as they age.

At first, the Blue Point Siamese’s body is bluish-white. The nose and paw pads are a slate blue color. This cold color gets lighter as you look closer to the cat’s stomach and chest. On the backside, it often gets bluer.

The Blue Point Siamese’s coat gets darker as it gets older. Most of the points become slate gray and dark blue.

21. Blue Point Siamese cats can compete with you in a staring contest.

Many cats find it annoying or scary when people look them in the eyes. Blue Point Siamese cats are always up for a staring contest with wide-open eyes. Blue Point Siamese cats love to look into their human family’s eyes. That is for sure! One thing I’m not sure about is what they think when they look into our eyes. It could be that they’re telling us how much they care about us. Or, for all one knows, they’re thinking about how many pranks or tricks they store for us during the day. Yay!

Final Thoughts

By now, I hope your interest in Blue Point Siamese has grown to match mine. If you are considering getting one, know that you will have a loving and intelligent pet. As a bonus, you will have a loyal pal for the rest of your life! Which of these facts do you think is the most interesting? I hope you enjoyed learning the list. Many thanks for taking the time to check this out!

Be the Siamese Cat expert you always wish to be! From color points to similar cat breeds, discover everything you need to know about their unique charm and characteristics in our comprehensive guide: Siamese Cat Breed: Types, Color Points and Comparison to Other Cat Breeds

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