17 Safety Tips for Walking Your Siamese Cat on a Leash

Siamese cats are easy to train. They are intelligent and quick to learn lessons and tricks. 

They can be stubborn, in any case. 

Siamese cats do what we want them to do, sometimes, but not all the time. Considering this character trait, you should know how to walk your cat on a leash. 

It is the best way to deal with your cat’s stubbornness. You can improve your Siamese cat’s trainability while he learns to enjoy walking on a leash.

I have safety tips that I have learned over the years and that I’ve used to walk my kitties on a leash. Even now, I use these tried-and-true safety guidelines when taking my cats, Batman and Robyn, for a walk.

This article will discuss safety tips for training and walking your cat on a leash. Keep reading to uncover these helpful tips!

How Tight Should A Cat Harness Be? 

Your cat might be able to get away if his harness is too loose. Your cat could also feel uncomfortable if it is too tight. Make sure the harness fits your kitty well and is a suitable size.

Are Harnesses Safe For All Cats?

Harnesses are safe for all types of cats when worn the right way. They should be the right fit and come with a reliable cat leash. 

A cat harness can provide safety whenever you go for a walk with your Siamese cat. It keeps your cat safe from danger and mischief.

How Do You Keep Your Siamese Cat Safe While Walking On A Leash?

1. Teach your cat simple verbal cues and hand signals.

Siamese cats may act instinctively because they see the outside world as frightening. 

Your cat may seem excited to go outside after a long period of living indoors, but he is also terrified. Despite his outward display of joy and excitement, he is in heightened awareness.

Teach your cat verbal cues like “sit,” “stay,” “wait,” and “stop,” and hand signals. These cues and signals can help keep your cat calm. The cues can also help your cat focus on your bonding time rather than feeling scared.

The cues and hand signals may not be fast or easy to learn, but your cat must be familiar with them.

Be diligent and patient. Spending time training your Siamese cat will pay off once he starts responding to your cues.

2. Talk to your vet about what to do before you let your cat explore the outdoors. 

Taking your Siamese cat outside exposes it to parasites and diseases that can be fatal. Do not go out there without first consulting your veterinarian. 

You should know which vaccinations your Siamese cat needs before heading out. It would be best if you further learned about flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. Talk to your vet to reduce the risk of parasites and other diseases on your cat.

3. Practice walking your Siamese cat around the house on a leash. 

Teach your Siamese cat to walk on a leash and harness inside first. Keep training until your furry pet gets good at it. Go over any commands you have taught your cat while practicing inside. 

Continue the training outside in your yard until he’s doing well. Give him lots of praise as you introduce him to new sights and sounds outdoors.

4. Invest in a harness and a leash that best fits your cat.

Keep your Siamese cat’s size in mind while researching the best harness and leash for him. Make sure it is not too snug, tight, or loose when you finally buy one! Do not buy for the sake of the design. 

I ensure enough space between my cat and the harness to prevent him from hurting himself. I also check if it is tight enough before heading out.

5. Do not use a standard collar.

I do not use a standard collar on my cats out of personal preference. After reading a post from Cats Protection, I decided not to buy a standard collar. According to them, standard collars have caused many injuries to cats.

Please do not use a standard collar on your cat outside. Standard collars are particularly dangerous when your cat is playing or walking outside. It could snag or catch on anything and injure your cat.

Use a harness instead of a standard collar. A cat harness gives far more control than a standard collar. 

Your Siamese cat must wear something safer than a standard collar. It will ensure he does not hurt himself or get into something dangerous.

6. Do not use a retractable leash.

Securing or releasing the leash in an unexpected incident won’t be easy. Your cat’s sudden attempt to break free and flee may result in a violent snapping. Replace your retractable leash with a strong and fixed one.

Make sure you use a strong leash. Invest in a sturdy leash instead of a retractable one if you’re planning to buy one. A retractable leash can be dangerous if your cat becomes overactive or aggressive.

7. Bring your pet’s carrier along with you for the walk.

Your Siamese cat can get aggressive towards something or someone once outside. The carrier can be his hiding place when he feels anxious due to the many external factors present at that time. 

Introduce your cat to the carrier at home first. This way, he will see it as a safe refuge when he feels scared outside.

8. Take your cat for a short walk on his first outing.

Please don’t take your cat far away on his first walking session. Walk him in your yard or hallway first. It’s the most secure way to introduce him to the new activity while keeping him calm. It puts him at ease, given that he finds this new situation frightening.

9. Walk your cat in a familiar area first.

New places will not excite him at first. Your Siamese cat is still preoccupied with his anxious thoughts. 

Your cat will feel more secure exploring a smaller and more familiar area than an unfamiliar area. Your pet will start by exploring places close to your house.

10. Check the weather and walk on warm, bright days.

Check the climate and temperature before going for a walk. My vet told me not to let Batman and Robyn stay outside below 45°F. 

Below this temperature, they may become sick if they go out without a warm refuge to retreat to.

11. Know which areas to avoid. 

Stay away from areas where stray cats or raccoons like to hang out. Your Siamese cat may become anxious or aggressive if you walk through these areas. You should know which areas to avoid before you let him walk with you outside.

12. Put an ID tag on your cat.

The ID tag should have a name and current contact information on it. It will be a big help if your Siamese cat gets out of his harness and runs away. It is easy for others to identify him and return him to you.

13. Bring plenty of treats and goodies!

Reward your furry cat with a treat as you put the harness on. Your cat will be more motivated by the treat. 

Bring goodies and treats with you so you can reward your Siamese cat when he starts to calm down on your way out. Give him goodies whenever he shows signs of being happy and calm while you are walking.

14. Follow your cat’s lead. 

Allow your cat to choose his walking speed. Let him venture out, explore, and see how far he can go. Please do not rush out and yank him from the front lawn. 

Let your cat take command of the walking situation to teach him that this is a safe and enjoyable activity. Make sure, of course, to guide him to safe and clear paths.

15. Be alert and cautious.

Move your cat to the safest side if you hear a car approaching. Move to another street or area if you see something in the distance that may upset or make him aggressive.

16. Take your pet home if he gets stressed or frightened.

Do not be so strict when you walk him outside. Give your Siamese cat as much time as he wants to look around if he’s enjoying the walk.

Your cat may want to go for a walk another day. There is always going to be a next time! Take him home if he’s starting to act stressed or frightened.

17. Be patient.

Do not put too much pressure on your cat. Respect your Siamese cat’s decision if he wishes to return home for the time being. 

Be patient and trust the process. It will be a good and memorable time for you and your cat to learn and walk together! You will be walking your kitty on a leash soon, and he will get comfortable after a few tries.

To Wrap It All Up

These safety tips are essential for us cat owners because we want to keep our cats safe when we take them outside. Allow them some freedom for fun and exploration while still keeping them safe from harm. 

Walking your cat on a leash is not cruel as long as you observe the necessary safety precautions outside.

Many thanks for reading this post! I hope your Siamese cat will be happy and safe walking on a leash with these tips. Do you have any safety tips to share too? I, for one, am eager to learn more!

We gathered all the health tips tailored toward maintaining your Siamese cat’s optimal well-being. Check it out here: Siamese Cat Health: A Complete Guide

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